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What’s a
Web Design Subscription?

What’s a Web Design Subscription?

A Web Design Subscription is a whole new way of getting your site online, that’s easier on your pocketbook and takes less of your precious time.

You’re probably here because you know you can’t put it off any longer. To get to the next level, your business needs a great website. You may wonder: how do I get started? Traditionally, there are a lot of steps involved in turning your site from idea into reality.

  • First, you need a domain registrar to sell you a domain name.
  • Then you hire a hosting company to provide a home for your site.
  • Next, you need to find a web developer to create the site, a graphic designer to make it eye catching, and a writer to create compelling marketing copy.
  • To keep your site software up to date and safe from malware and exploits, you’ll need a website maintenance contract.

To many business owners, all this can feel overwhelming. It’s a steep learning curve, and a big investment of time, money and energy. And you’re already so busy. You might wonder – is there an easier way?

The Web Design Subscription: Your All-in-One Solution

At Web321, we manage your web presence by making sure you have everything you need to build and maintain an amazing website – the foundation for your online business success. All in one place, all for one monthly price.

That means: no more stressing about how to find the right domain registrar and hosting company – our vendors are vetted and tested, and are the same ones we use for our own websites.

No more wondering if your content is good enough – we’ll make sure you’re presenting your business with all its true flair and professionalism.

No more worrying what you’ll do if your site goes down – we’ll keep an eye on it at all times and have it back up in a jiffy from your most recent backup (which we do daily, automatically).

No more concern over vulnerability to hackers and malware – we scan and clean your site regularly, and make sure you have all the latest security updates.

No more nagging your developer to update your content in a timely fashion – our service team will do any 30-minute task for you at any time of day or night, usually within eight hours.

How the Plan Works

It’s like a cell phone plan, but for your website

With your cell plan, part of each monthly payment goes toward paying for your ongoing services (your data plan, carrier service, voicemail, etc.) while part of each payment goes toward paying off the balance of your device (your phone or tablet).

With Web321, part of each $321 monthly payment goes towards the ongoing hosting, care and maintenance of your site, while part goes to paying off the balance of your web design fee.

So instead of paying for the cost of the expensive “phone” (website) upfront, the total cost of your website design is bundled in with the cost of your ongoing services.

We make it easier to budget for your new site

Many people would think twice about plunking down over$1500 (ouch!) for the latest and greatest iPhone. That’s a lot of your hard earned cash to part with at once! But bundling the price into a cell phone contract that costs only a fraction of that each month makes it much easier to stomach, and includes a service that you’d need anyway in order to get the full benefits of your new phone.

A new website can set you back thousands of dollars. When something goes wrong on your site, or you need some updates done, you can end up spending hundreds more. By packaging your website design cost and the ongoing care and maintenance it needs into one predictable monthly payment of $321, we make budgeting a snap.

We keep your site in good working order

A good cellphone plan contains a protection plan. If something happens to your phone and it stops working, the cell company is responsible for reparing or replacing your phone. If your service is interupted for some reason and you’re not getting your texts and phonecalls, your cell company steps in to diagnose and fix the problem. The cost for all these emergency services is bundled in with your monthly bill.

Similarly, if there’s a technical problem with your website, it’s our job to fix it ASAP. Without a web management expert like Web321 standing by 24/7, you may find yourself trying to flag down your busy web designer, who has since moved on to other projects. Even worse, your designer may pull a disappearing act on you (we’ve seen it happen!) leaving you to vet and hire a new one during an emergency.

We’re here for the long haul – we’ve been building and managing websites for 25 years. Our monthy subscription model provides regular, predictable cashflow for our business as well, and this sustainable model gives us the confidence to say we’ll be around for a long time to come.

With Web321, you can relax, knowing that your most important online asset – your website – is in competent, caring hands.

Why does a website need ongoing management?


Web security has two main components – and you can be in trouble if either of them go wrong.

First: applications (web servers, web applications, web browsers) have a lot of code, and some of it is exploitable. To protect your site from hackers, you need experts guarding your digital fort.

Second: if you’re not locked down with good passwords and security, hackers and malware can find their way in. Are your passwords strict? Are your important assets (e.g. digital products, user information) secure?

Asset Management

With unlimited labour, a web presence could contain thousands of pages of content, with something for every conceivable audience. In reality, that’s never possible, because processing power, content, maintenance are all finite resources that cost time and/or money.

Keeping track of those assets, and their cost, is critical to a positive return on your investment. There’s a careful balance of creating engaging content while still keeping your content creation process affordable; keeping the right elements of the web page; attracting the right audience; and keeping it all running. It’s a big job – but much easier if you have help.


Coders are always in an arms race with hackers. To keep up with sneaky new exploits and to patch security holes, code needs to keep getting better. Keeping it up to date is critical to the continued health of your website. Without a manager updating your website regularly, its code will become more brittle and vulnerable with time.


A good message should be backed by knowledge and authority, and delivered to your target customers with a theme crafted just for them. You’re the expert on your services and products. We can help you engage with your audience on the web in a way that conveys your business’s unique expertise and personality.

Code Problems

Code is written to fulfill a job: take input, and create useful output. Sometimes, an application isn’t written to anticipate all types of input or output required. We understand that and work to account for code problems as they arise. 

What does it take to manage a website?


Our senior people have upwards of 25 years of experience in the digital realm, while our junior members bring a fresh perspective to coding and marketing. We work hard to keep abreast of the latest trends in technology and design. In short: we know what works.

Good Decisions

Our experience tells us what works and what doesn’t. We have a proven suite of tools, vendors and approaches that work, and empower us to run lean mean web vehicles to drive the success of your business. Our technology stack is easy to use, easy to control and creates great results.


Our experience and approach is combined with a deep knowledge of the tools we use. We deploy efficient and effective solutions for our clients.


We take all of this solid practice and technical know-how and add in something extra: street smarts. We combine the real world experience of our clients with what we know and what is technically possible, and end up with a creative and savvy approach.

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