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What’s a
Managed Web Presence?

What’s a Managed Web Presence?

A “Managed Web Presence” is a holistic marketing strategy, encompassing and synchronizing the entire process of presenting and drawing traffic to your brand online. This includes website design and maintenance, on-page search engine optimization, social media, online advertising and more.

If you’ve decided your business needs to up its game online, you may wonder: how do I get started? Traditionally, there are a lot of steps involved in boosting your brand from lightweight to legend.

  • First, you need a domain registrar to sell you a domain name.
  • Then you hire a hosting company to provide a home for your site.
  • Next, you need to find a web developer to create the site, a graphic designer to make it eye-catching, and a writer to create compelling marketing copy.
  • To keep your site software up to date and safe from malware and exploits, you’ll need a website maintenance contract.

Once you’ve signed off on your site, you need to make sure people can find it.  

  • To improve its Google ranking, you could bring on an SEO expert.
  • You might call in a marketing company to build an email campaign.
  • You can enlist a social media expert to drive up buzz and engagement online.
  • If you want a press release about your new site and its offerings, you’ll need a PR distributor.
  • Then there’s backlink building, lead generation, reputation management and more… so many ways to build your brand and increase your sales online!

To many business owners, all this can feel overwhelming. It’s a steep learning curve, and a big investment of time, money and energy. And you’re already so busy. It would be such a relief if there was an easier way.

Great news: there is.

Web321’s all-in-one Web Design Subscription Service, combined with our pick-and-choose Booster Pack offerings, make up what we call a “Managed Web Presence”. Just like it sounds, a Managed Web Presence means everything your brand needs to get a killer online presence, all in one place, all actively managed for you, every single day.

For you, that means less worry, and more time to do what you do best – growing and managing the business you worked so hard to build.

Why Do I Need a “Web Presence” Anyways?

You need to promote your business.

More than ever, the world is turning to the web to do business. They search directories like Yelp, and go to Google to search by key phrases. Directories can list your business, but you’re at the mercy of their constraints: how much space they give you; where you rank in their lists, what they do with your listing. Having your own website gives your business the freedom to market on your own terms and stand out from the crowd.

You need to provide information & answer questions.

If you spend a lot of time listening to customer phone calls, questions and emails, you’ll begin to notice the same questions coming up repeatedly. If you put the answers on your website, customers can find the information easily at any time. It gives them immediate answers, which they’ll appreciate. It also frees up staff from answering the same questions over and over.

You need to leverage the power of digital tools.

Before the Web, everything was manual. People shopped in retail stores with cash. Bank statements and invoices were mailed. Everything had many steps and took time. The Web turns all those steps into simple, quick & easy interactions: notifications, digital product, e-commerce, online order-taking. Best of all, once set-up, the digital parts of those exchanges don’t require any staff time.

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