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website subscription plan

Think of a Web Design Subscription as something like a cell phone plan for your website. Instead of paying for the cost of the expensive “phone” (website) upfront, the total cost of your website design is bundled in with the cost of your ongoing services. In the case of a cell plan, the services would be your data and carrier costs; while in the case of a Web Design Subscription, the services are the ongoing hosting, maintenance and updates we provide for your site.

Website Page Speed – Why It’s Important in 2020

Performance or Page Speed is a factor Google and other search engines use to deliver the best content to the end user. If a site takes a long time to load, it reflects poorly on the search engine. Page speeds comes from two elements: the download of the webpage content; and the how hard it is for your web browser to interpret the content and turn it into a sensible looking webpage. These are some of the issues and ways to improve performance. Some are things that a website owner can directly...

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Acronyms and What Do They Even Mean?

What does this alphabet soup of abbreviations even mean? Here's what these abbreviations translate into: 3D - 3-dimensional AEPS - Aadhar Enabled Payment System AI - Artificial Intelligence API - Application Programming Interface AR - Augmented reality B2BB - usiness to Business B2C - Business to Consumer B2E - Business to Educator BOPIS - Buy Online Pickup In Store CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate CEO - Chief Executive Officer COO - Chief Operating Officer CFO - Chief Financial Officer CPG...

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