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Website Page Speed – Why It’s Important in 2020

Performance or Page Speed is a factor Google and other search engines use to deliver the best content to the end user. If a site takes a long time to load, it reflects poorly on the search engine. Page speeds comes from two elements: the download of the webpage content; and the how hard it is for your web browser to interpret the content and turn it into a sensible looking webpage. These are some of the issues and ways to improve performance. Some are things that a website owner can directly...

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Acronyms and What Do They Even Mean?

What does this alphabet soup of abbreviations even mean? Here's what these abbreviations translate into: 3D - 3-dimensional AEPS - Aadhar Enabled Payment System AI - Artificial Intelligence API - Application Programming Interface AR - Augmented reality B2BB - usiness to Business B2C - Business to Consumer B2E - Business to Educator BOPIS - Buy Online Pickup In Store CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate CEO - Chief Executive Officer COO - Chief Operating Officer CFO - Chief Financial Officer CPG...

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