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"Social Butterfly" - Engagement Booster

Feeling like your social media engagement is lacklustre? Are you followers drifting away? Let us jazz up your messaging and get people excited about your business. This is where a new study of how people react to an important and exciting topic, one of which may lead to a more positive attitude toward your brand. This is where I think we all learn a lot about social media. We all know it is a good way to share a message of positive influence in the world, but there’s more to it than that. What is your biggest impact on your business? We draw attention to your business and extend your online reach.
Using best practices, we’ll overhaul up to 4 social media profiles to ensure brand consistency, thoroughness and findability. We’ll also generate 5 relevant & interesting cross-platform posts based on your business priorities and activities, and give you a free mini-course on how to excite and engage your audience on social media.

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