Websites 4 Marketers

The Perfect Partnership

We’re really happy to start relationships with new clients. We look forward to a long relationship.

We want to keep you and your business through our good deeds and good value.

We know some things were not meant to last. Rather than bury this in some obscure buried page, we want to talk about what will close our relationship and how the end of a relationship plays out.

What Ends A Relationship?
  1. You Cancel Your Services. From day one, you are welcome to close off the relationship.
  2. Your Business Goes Out Of Business. If your business venture dissolves (through bankruptcy or a similar dissolution), we will close off the contract when you explain your situation and send a copy of supporting paperwork to verify your business is closing up.
  3. The Relationship Falls Apart. We maintain a code of civility. We will provide our services and treat our clients with respect. We expect the same of our clients in their interactions with our staff. If the civility breaks down, we will discuss this with our client. If the client cannot carry on communications in a civilized manner, we will close off the relationship and ask that the client take their business and their site elsewhere.
  4. We Go Out Of Business. We’re planning to be around a long time. That’s the plan. If we go out of business, we will need to find a new home for your web site.
How A Relationship Closes
  1. Close Off Your Account. When we take on a client, we begin by building them an optimized website. That takes a considerable amount of time and an investment on our part. We build the site and amortize the build costs across the lifespan of your management agreement. With each month, that amortized investment is paid down. For all of our clients, we keep track of the balance remaining.
    Any outstanding fees and the remainder of the amortized design fees are due to close off your account and free up your assets (domain name, web site and content, and associated logins).
  2. When The Account Is In Good Standing, We Will Transfer Your Assets. Your account has several aspects: The design, branding assets and your site content; your domain name; and access to your analytics. We will transfer ownership to a departing client, or their designate (ie. their new web management company).  We give you access to online storage space so that you or your designate may fetch your files. Your files will be kept for you for 60 days.
  3. If Your Account Is Not In Good Standing, We Will Contact You. This is what happens with accounts that are out of order financially. Will have 10% interest applied for two months. On the third month, we will forward an outstanding account to a third party for collections.
  4. If Your Account Is Not In Good Standing, We Will Redirect Your Domain. If your account is not in good standing, we reserve the right to redirect all traffic bound for your domain, to a URL of our choosing.